Would you like to find out more about Meditation? Or Buddhism? Try one of our Lunchtime Meditation sessions which run on Tuesdays. These are suitable for beginners and those with experience. Or call in for a chat and a cuppa on one of our Open Afternoons, also on Tuesdays. For a taster you could come to a Sangha (Buddhist Community) Night event. These happen on Thursday evenings and include a period of meditation.

Lunchtime Meditation and Open Afternoons run till Tuesday 18 December. Sangha Nights run until Thursday 20th December, and the theme is What can the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas offer the World?

Sangha night on 18th October. This Sangha night we will be hearing about the Bodhisattva Kshitigarbha.
Sangha Night on 25th October will be a Full Moon Puja (See Classes/Sangha Nights for details).

Order Members and Mitras are welcome to join Padmolka in meditation and devotional reading of The White Lotus Sutra starting 11th October (Please see Classes)

Starting 6th November – Buddhism and Meditation Level 2 – This four week course is open to anyone who has completed the Introduction to Buddhism and Meditation. The Level 2 course looks in more depth at the key topics, and most crucially, indicates how to make them relevant to our lives (See Classes/event for more details).

Coming up – Sangha Day 25th November – please save the date – (more details in Classes/events/practice days).

Photo from our 24 Hour meditation at Chanonry Point

Thank you to all who supported us in our 24 Hour meditation time; it was a wonderful experience. We really enjoyed meeting new people and being with each other whether meditating or not. Special thanks to those who came up from Glasgow to join us. The dolphins were totally awesome too; appearing throughout the 24 hours, sometimes too many to count and lots of breaching and play. There was an extraordinary atmosphere at times especially through the night. You can catch Sridakini talking about us on BBC Radio Scotland ‘Sunday Morning With….. on 24/06/18. Her interview begins at about 1:37 x Wishing you all well.

Buddha Day Festival

At the annual celebration of the enlightenment of the Buddha members of the Sangha met to celebrate this day. In the morning we heard how Siddhartha found a middle way – moving from extremes and towards balance. After the vegetarian lunch we heard how the Buddha made his momentous decision to teach the Dharma.
If you are visiting the Centre in the next few weeks please feel free to add to the collage of the Buddha that we started.