Taking Care of Ourselves and One Another: Sangha Nights Online

Sangha Night Online
Thursday 15th April 2021. 7pm until 8.30pm. You can join us from 6.45pm to say hello before it starts.

Continuing our theme: behaving ethically; taught for the weal of the world.

Sangha night continues to look at our understanding and practice of ethics. For the next wee while we’ll explore what makes Buddhist ethics ethical – not about being good, not about right versus wrong.

We will be using Zoom. You don’t need a Zoom account to join us. We will publish the link here nearer the time.

Looking forward to welcoming you there to say hello at 6.45pm or joining for the evening from 7pm to 8.30pm.

For connections to the wider sangha you can go to the Buddhist centre online dharma toolkit and free Buddhist Audio https://www.freebuddhistaudio.com/

We continue to send our well-wishing and care to all those throughout the world who have been affected by the virus and to all staff caring for those affected, and other essential workers.

May all beings be well.

Please see below for our Dana Appeal x

Dana Appeal

Dear Sangha friends

As you will know we have had to close the Highland Buddhist Centre for a while following government advice. This will have an impact on our donations (Dana) which we rely on to keep spreading the Dharma in the Highlands and the world. It is from the generosity of those who have given that we have the Buddhist Centre right in the heart of the Highlands.
To help support the Centre we are asking you to consider practising generosity by giving a donation in one (or more) of the following ways:

A “one off” donation to the bank account
Setting up a monthly standing order
Increasing your standing order if you already have one.

These acts of generosity whether small or large, temporary or long term will be helpful at this time. Please send an email to:
if you wish to make a donation to the bank account or set up a standing order. We will need your postal address if you need a standing order form.

Wishing you well.

Events and Announcements


The only calibration that counts, is how much heart people invest, how much they ignore their fears of being hurt or humiliated. And the only thing people regret is that they didn’t invest enough heart, didn’t love enough. Nothing else really counts at all
Ted Hughes ‘Letters’

The spring equinox has passed and the clocks changing are readjusting ourselves to the longer days.

The Scottish Government restrictions are changing and as from the 26th March the Buddhist Centre can open again for worship for up to 50 folk, safe distancing and risk assessing allowing.

The trustees decided that we would re-start in-person classes once we have the technology in place. We decided to purchase the equipment – screen, some form of computer, and camera/microphone, in order to continue supporting our Highland wide sangha. And we hope to have this in place for Buddha Day, which is the 22nd May.

Sangha night re-started on the 8th April, where we continue to explore Buddhist ethics

Akuppa gave a fab talk on our ‘not-residential ‘ weekend on 20th March: “Ethics; an indispensable aspect of the sangha life; an indispensable aspect of a healthy community” – now on the website to listen to at your leisure.
Akuppa’s talk

And the next Order/mitra gathering is on the 8th May.

We are starting to pull ideas and images together for our website revamp-yippee!

And lastly , thank you for all the continuing dana that you are generously giving.

In this last year, acts of kindness and generosity have helped keep my heart open amidst the layers of loss that continually roll out.

With gratitude



Many centres and Sanghas have ‘Young Buddhist Groups’ – as yet we don’t in the Highlands which makes this opportunity even more attractive! It is being offered under the auspices of the Glasgow Buddhist Centre but is open to anyone practising in a Triratna context in Scotland. More info on the Glasgow Centre’s Young Buddhists can be found at Glasgow Young Buddhists

Zoom meeting in May: Saturday 22nd May 09.30-12.00
young buddhists study morning: drive all blames into one

A morning of study and discussion for young people interested in deepening their understanding of Buddhism. We’ll be at looking some of the pieces of advice from the seven-point mind training, looking at how to bring adversity onto the path of awakening.

MEETUP ZOOM LINK: young buddhist study morning 22 May
Meeting ID: 840 1400 3231
Password: youngB2


To listen to Parami’s talk for the Highland Sangha on 4th March, please click on the link below, and enter the passcode: RS3$a8C*

Ethics as an expression of the Bodhisattva ideal

All warmly welcomed to our events


“We understand the importance and surrounding issues that affect Black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) communities both here and throughout the world and very clearly affirm Black Lives Matter.

The Triratna community is engaging in conversations around diversity, inclusion and race and links to our website and these conversations are here;


Triratna Buddhist Community Highlands as part of the Triratna community world wide aspire to understand and practice ever more deeply the ethical precepts-principally “with deeds of loving kindness I purify my actions of body speech and mind” in all our actions, with all the people we come into contact with, regardless of skin colour, gender identity and neurological identity.”

Access to Dharma books

Wishing you all the best in this time

Now that the centre bookshop is closed you can get books on the Dharma, meditation and working with your heart-mind directly from the Windhorse Publications website. Sign up to the Windhorse Publications newsletter here to get a link to a free eBook every week, and details about monthly sales on print books. Create a free sign-up account here to get an additional 10% off all their books https://www.windhorsepublications.com/ Over the next few months they’re offering free shipping on all orders. There’s never been a better time to read.

“We read to know that we are not alone.” – William Nicholson, Shadowlands

Sangharakshita’s Funeral: marking it at the Buddhist Centre Inverness

It is with great sadness that we inform you of the passing away of Urgyen Sangharakshita (Bhante) on 30 October 2018 at approximately 10.00 a.m. in Hereford Hospital.

We invite you to join us at the Buddhist Centre in Inverness to mark Sangharakshita’s Funeral which will be taking place at Adhisthana on Saturday 10th November between 12.30 pm and 4.30 pm.

We will meet on Saturday 10th November from 11.00 am for an early lunch/brunch together. We hope to have live streaming of the funeral and burial which will include meditation and a specially written Bhante puja that we will join in with. The afternoon will provide an opportunity to share memories, reflect on, and express gratitude for our teacher at this significant time. You may wish to bring offerings. All very welcome.

Please bring veggie lunch/brunch to share and meditation cushions.

Further information is available from thebuddhistcentre.com where there is a dedicated space to Sangharakshita’s memorial page.