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We absolutely continue our wish to take good care of ourselves and one another…

Here is an invitation from Sridakini to join a real live retreat!!!! at the only Buddhist Centre in Scotland just now!! How fortunate are we?


Hello all

At our conversation café you talked about missing our sangha w/e’s due to covid, and partly in response to this, we have an opportunity to practice together face to face at the Buddhist centre from the Tuesday 3rd – Friday 6th August (Saturday is an order/mitra day).

The programme will follow the same rhythm each day, with Padmolka, Danabhaya and Sridakini leading the study, ritual and meditations on different days. We’ll start at 11am and finish at 4pm, with the first 15 minutes for arriving in the ‘sofa room’.

Due to covid and simplicity, we’re asking that you bring your drinks and lunch with you, and wear masks when entering and leaving the centre.

We’ll be studying the early Pali Canon Suttas, meditating together and ending each day with some chanting and ritual.

We’re offering meditation mentoring during the week as well. If you’d like to talk about your meditation, Padmolka, Danabhaya, Satyapada and myself are offering this and feel free to ask any of us.

As yet, numbers are not fixed (Scottish Govt will issue guidance before then), and if you are interested in this wee retreat, please email me to book ( and likewise if you’d like some meditation mentoring during this week, please also email me with who you’d like to do this with.

Ongoingly, most of our events will be hybrid but a desire to be practicing in the centre means this one is an in-person retreat.

The retreat is open to anyone.

This wee retreat is for 4 days, and it would be great if you’re able to make the 4 days, however, we’re aware of busy lives so you can attend less if that means you’re able to come along.

Looking forward to practicing in the shrine room, within the Buddhist centre with some of you x

May all beings be well and free from suffering and suffused with love.

Lots of love,

Sridakini xx


Dharma Day, visit from Akuppa and other dates for the diary

The rich never have enough money, and the powerful never have enough power. Let us reflect: the best way to satisfy all our desires and make all our plans come to fruition is to let them go.”
Dilgo Khyentse Rimpoche

Here’s a reminder of events coming up at the end of the month

Dharma Day on the 24th July – a hybrid event with the centre open and zoom linking into the centre.

Our president Akuppa is coming up from the 21st – 28th July and is keen to catch up with you.
Rob is organising his diary an4d his email is to make a date.

A centre based day retreat from Tuesday 3rd to Friday 6th August. This is an opportunity to practice together, meditating and studying and with the options of meditation mentoring.

Details of the programme to be confirmed and please contact myself if you are interested.

Looking forward to seeing you as some of these events

Sridakini x

May all beings be well, may all being be free from suffering

Akuppa gave a fab talk on our ‘not-residential ‘ weekend on 20th March: “Ethics; an indispensable aspect of the sangha life; an indispensable aspect of a healthy community” – now on the website to listen to at your leisure.
Akuppa’s talk

All warmly welcomed to our events


“We understand the importance and surrounding issues that affect Black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) communities both here and throughout the world and very clearly affirm Black Lives Matter.

The Triratna community is engaging in conversations around diversity, inclusion and race and links to our website and these conversations are here;

Triratna Buddhist Community Highlands as part of the Triratna community world wide aspire to understand and practice ever more deeply the ethical precepts-principally “with deeds of loving kindness I purify my actions of body speech and mind” in all our actions, with all the people we come into contact with, regardless of skin colour, gender identity and neurological identity.”