Events and Announcements


Here are some dates and information for the coming 2 months.

The regulations are changing and we can now chant in the shrine room. I have missed this aspect of collective practice possibly most of all. When we come back after the summer break, the regulations for numbers restricted by the size of the space and mask wearing may well have changed too.

We’ll break for the summer. The last sangha night will be the full moon puja on Thursday 24th June, and classes will restart in August.

I’m hoping to have a few days of a centre based mini retreat starting on the 11th 12th August where there will be the chance to meditate, study and talk about your meditation if you wish with one of us here. We’ve not managed a residential due to covid, so this will be an opportunity for some focussed practice together.

Akuppa our president, will be visiting 22nd-27th July. He’ll be with us for Dharma day, which we will celebrate on the 24th July. As has been the case previously, he’d welcome the opportunity to meet up with anyone-details will follow.

When we come together after the break, we will continue to both meet in person at the centre but also to connect up on-line via zoom. We are soon to have better tech kit within the centre, which will make the hybrid gatherings easier.

And we are moving forward with upgrading of the website, to make it easier to join classes and access materials.

Thank you for your continuing donations which have kept us afloat. For those of you who wish to use the centre over the summer months to meditate in the beautiful shrine room, please get in touch and we will be able to arrange access for you.


One of the real benefits of having moved online during lockdown has been the deepening of our Scotland wide connections. So we are marking our second year of online meetings with this ‘Great Gathering’. Anyone who has engaged with the Triratna Buddhist Community is welcome, whether you have attended classes, are a mitra or order member.

This Great Gathering delves into who and how are we as a community. In conversation with each other we will explore our connections with each other and this buddhist community before asking the really big question that faces us all now……

Our programme for the gathering invites you to join the BCO meditation at 7.30am and then come to the virtual Great Gathering Hall at 10am on Saturday 26th June.

Looking forward to seeing you at some of these events.

May all beings be well, may all being be free from suffering

Akuppa gave a fab talk on our ‘not-residential ‘ weekend on 20th March: “Ethics; an indispensable aspect of the sangha life; an indispensable aspect of a healthy community” – now on the website to listen to at your leisure.
Akuppa’s talk

To listen to Parami’s talk for the Highland Sangha on 4th March, please click on the link below, and enter the passcode: RS3$a8C*
Ethics as an expression of the Bodhisattva ideal

All warmly welcomed to our events


“We understand the importance and surrounding issues that affect Black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) communities both here and throughout the world and very clearly affirm Black Lives Matter.

The Triratna community is engaging in conversations around diversity, inclusion and race and links to our website and these conversations are here;

Triratna Buddhist Community Highlands as part of the Triratna community world wide aspire to understand and practice ever more deeply the ethical precepts-principally “with deeds of loving kindness I purify my actions of body speech and mind” in all our actions, with all the people we come into contact with, regardless of skin colour, gender identity and neurological identity.”