Dana Appeal

Dear Sangha friends

As you will know we have had to close the Highland Buddhist Centre for a while following government advice. This will have an impact on our donations (Dana) which we rely on to keep spreading the Dharma in the Highlands and the world. It is from the generosity of those who have given that we have the Buddhist Centre right in the heart of the Highlands.
To help support the Centre we are asking you to consider practising generosity by giving a donation in one (or more) of the following ways:

A “one off” donation to the bank account
Setting up a monthly standing order
Increasing your standing order if you already have one.

These acts of generosity whether small or large, temporary or long term will be helpful at this time. Please send an email to:
if you wish to make a donation to the bank account or set up a standing order. We will need your postal address if you need a standing order form.

Wishing you well.