The Buddhist Financial Economy: Generosity!

The world’s longest surviving institution is the Buddhist sangha, or community of practitioners. The men and women who practised the Buddha’s teachings were kept alive by alms food from the people in the villages and towns they travelled through. If there was famine, they didn’t survive.

The Dharma, (the Buddha’s teachings) and the food to maintain the wandering practitioners were both freely given without obligation on either side. The practice of generosity- giving and receiving- is fundamental to Buddhism and fully as important as meditation or study.

It is also the way communities traditionally functioned in the Highlands, with everyone helping out, for instance, at shearing and harvest time, and receiving help when needed.

This is the basis on which Triratna Highlands runs. All activities are run by volunteers and the first centre in Inverness owed its existence and maintenance to all the practitioners who had given money, time, and expertise in many ways. The next centre will come into existence in the same way.

The event you come to has been made possible through the generosity of people who came before, and your contribution will be a gift to others, now and in the future, who want to find out about the dharma and then take it as far as they wish.

All events are without charge or expectation that a donation will be made, so if you are not able, or don’t choose to make a contribution, it makes no difference what you can come to – anyone interested in trying out meditation or finding out about Buddhism, or simply curious to know what goes on, is welcome.

Regular & Online Giving

Regular giving is especially help­ful because it enables us to budget for the longer term.

To set up a standing order contact us and we’ll send you a form.

We always wel­come dona­tions in the class dana bowls (‘dana’ is the Pali word for gen­eros­ity). No amount is too large or too small.

Gift Aid

If you are a UK tax payer you can gift aid your dona­tion, whether it’s reg­u­lar or a one-off. The gov­ern­ment then adds 25p in the pound, at no extra cost to you.
There is full gift aid inform­a­tion on our stand­ing order form, at the dona­tion boxes in the Centre, and on the HMRC website.


If you are mak­ing a will, please con­sider a bequest to Triratna Highlands Buddhist Community:

Give us things to sell

Please consider donating to us anything you think may have reasonable secondhand value.

Give in kind

We always wel­come tea bags, coffee, biscuits, soya or organic milk, heavy duty bin bags and so on.

Be sponsored

Choose the Triratna Buddhist Community Highlands as your char­ity if you are tak­ing part in a run or other event.

How much does it all cost?

If you would like to see our last financial return for the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator,  please contact us.