A weekend practising the Anapanasati sutta

Discussing the Anapanasati sutta
Discussing the Anapanasati sutta

The Highland Sangha enjoyed a weekend of meditation and discussion on the Anapanasati sutta led by Dhammarati.

“Just” breathing in and breathing out…this is a practice about which the Buddha said: “I am content at heart with this practice…Mindfulness of in and out breathing, when developed and pursued, is of great fruit, of great benefit.”

Invitation to the Autumn Retreat

Retreat is a time of intensive practice, either with others or alone. In ancient India the Buddha’s followers spent the three months of the rainy season in one place, meditating and discussing the Dharma.

In the North, the period between the Autumn equinox and the Winter solstice is a natural time to draw inwards, and we can experience the equivalent of the “rainy season retreat.”

So this Autumn we have four events which can provide support for our own period of intensified practice:

October 12/13 Anapanasati sutta – meditation weekend

November 9 – 15 International Urban Retreat

November 16/17 Spiritual Receptivity and Simply Being – meditation weekend

November 22 – 24 Practice weekend at Dhanakosa with the Edinburgh, Stirling and Fife Sanghas