The Dharma Toolkit

Welcome to the Dharma toolkit!

We want to support you in finding the Dharma resources you need to stay connected and inspired when you’re more apart than usual from your friends and loved ones. And to explore how online community and practice can be an antidote to some of the likely issues you may face during the extended crisis. Like any context in life, online will only work for us if we set up the conditions well. We hope this space can be part of what helps you figure that out!

You’ll find a great set of resources within our dedicated online spaces over the next weeks and months:

Daily open sit meditations to help you stay grounded and in connection with others.

Community podcasts with a diverse range of guests and voices to renew your sense of a wider sangha standing with you.

And specially curated home retreat courses to give your practice week a shape and focus if the going gets tough!

We’ll be using our new community toolkit space to bring you a daily supply of the best Dharma content from around the world – new features and teaching, plus highlights from our extensive archives. Join us there to offer your own resources and support to others from wherever you are.

May you be well! We are all physically distanced for now – and community can still grow and flourish among us!