Yesterday we commemorated the Parinirvana, or final passing of the Buddha. We listened to readings describing some of the last events in the Buddha’s life from the Mahaparinibbana Sutta. We also remembered our own loved ones who have died, and contemplated the last words of the Buddha:

“All conditioned things are of a nature to decay – strive on untiringly.”

Myke gave a short talk leading us in reflection on this theme:

Buddhist Meditation by Kamalashila

Kamalashila’s book, Buddhist Meditation is the featured book on Windhorse at the moment, so reduced to £14.99 from the cover price of £17.99 – and further discounts available too!

It’s described as the essential guide for those wanting to develop their meditation practice, and as the theme of our practice in the Highland Sangha in 2015 is meditation, you may find it helpful.

In this stimulating discussion with Candradasa , Kamalashila talks about his experience of writing the new edition of Buddhist Meditation and shares some insights into his own history of practice, along with that of the Triratna Community: