Us & Them: People & Animals

Today I stumbled across this video about Isa Leshko’s long-term project photographing elderly animals. It sort of extends how I’ve been thinking about meditation and the way it is slowly helping me uncover a more unified reality around me.

In the last post the astronaut, Chris Hadfield, talks about how seeing Earth from space helped him see himself as a member of one big group – “us” – instead of in more fragmented “us and them” terms. Isa Leshko’s project takes this a step further, eroding the differences between “us people” and “them animals”, and showing that we share and endure very similar experiences.

One of the meditation practices we do – the Metta Bhavana – helps us make a habit out of seeing more of ourselves in other beings, and more of them in us. We’ll be teaching the Metta Bhavana in the meditation courses starting this week.

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