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An introduction to the radical teachings of the dharma and Buddhist meditation on the following Saturdays, via zoom;

19th September 10-11.30

10th October 10-11.30

17th October 10-11.30

24th October 10-11.30

We’ll explore the Buddha’s teachings on how and why to live more ethically, on how to engage creatively with our experience and learn two meditations to support a deepening understanding of ourselves and the world we are part of.

To join us please click on this link:

Meditation and Buddhism

Meeting ID: 841 5564 8012
Passcode: 889340

Looking forward to meeting you here, Sridakini

OPENING THE BUDDHIST CENTRE: an update from Padmolka, Chair of the Highland Buddhist Centre

Although we are now in phase 3 of the easing of lockdown, the Highland Buddhist Centre will not be opening yet for sangha night, mitra study etc. A small group of Trustees (Opening kula) met on Saturday 22nd August to look at what needs to be done and how we can open safely. Please note (25/08/20) …we won’t be opening yet. Watch this space for a fuller update.

For now, we will continue to have sangha night, mitra study, practice days etc on line.

All warmly welcomed


“We understand the importance and surrounding issues that affect Black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) communities both here and throughout the world and very clearly affirm Black Lives Matter.

The Triratna community is engaging in conversations around diversity, inclusion and race and links to our website and these conversations are here;

Triratna Buddhist Community Highlands as part of the Triratna community world wide aspire to understand and practice ever more deeply the ethical precepts-principally “with deeds of loving kindness I purify my actions of body speech and mind” in all our actions, with all the people we come into contact with, regardless of skin colour, gender identity and neurological identity.”

Taking Care of Ourselves and One Another: Sangha Nights Online

Sangha Night Online
Thursday 1st October. 7pm until 8.30pm.

To help us keep connected in the Highlands we are continuing Sangha Night Online. We will be using Zoom.

You don’t need a Zoom account to join in. We will publish the Zoom link here nearer the time

The “Centre” will be open from 6.45 so we can get connected and say hello before starting at 7pm.


For connections to the wider sangha you can go to the Buddhist centre online dharma toolkit and free Buddhist Audio

We continue to send our well-wishing and care to all those throughout the world who have been affected by the virus and to all staff caring for those affected, and other essential workers.

May all beings be well.

Please see below for our Dana Appeal x

Dana Appeal

Dear Sangha friends

As you now know we have had to close the Highland Buddhist Centre for a while following government advice. This will have an impact on our donations ( Dana) which we rely on to keep spreading the Dharma in the Highlands and the world. It is from the generosity of those who have given that we have the Buddhist Centre right in the heart of the Highlands.
To help support the Centre we are asking you to consider practising generosity by giving a donation in one ( or more ) of the following ways

A “one off” donation to the bank account
Setting up a monthly standing order
Increasing your standing order if you already have one.

These acts of generosity whether small or large, temporary or long term will be helpful at this time.
Please email me, if you wish to make a donation to the bank account or set up a standing order. I will need your postal address if you need a standing order form.
Wishing you well

With metta


The Dharma Toolkit

Welcome to the Dharma toolkit!

We want to support you in finding the Dharma resources you need to stay connected and inspired when you’re more apart than usual from your friends and loved ones. And to explore how online community and practice can be an antidote to some of the likely issues you may face during the extended crisis. Like any context in life, online will only work for us if we set up the conditions well. We hope this space can be part of what helps you figure that out!

You’ll find a great set of resources within our dedicated online spaces over the next weeks and months:

Daily open sit meditations to help you stay grounded and in connection with others.

Community podcasts with a diverse range of guests and voices to renew your sense of a wider sangha standing with you.

And specially curated home retreat courses to give your practice week a shape and focus if the going gets tough!

We’ll be using our new community toolkit space to bring you a daily supply of the best Dharma content from around the world – new features and teaching, plus highlights from our extensive archives. Join us there to offer your own resources and support to others from wherever you are.

May you be well! We are all physically distanced for now – and community can still grow and flourish among us!

Access to Dharma books

Wishing you all the best in this time

Now that the centre bookshop is closed you can get books on the Dharma, meditation and working with your heart-mind directly from the Windhorse Publications website. Sign up to the Windhorse Publications newsletter here to get a link to a free eBook every week, and details about monthly sales on print books. Create a free sign-up account here to get an additional 10% off all their books Over the next few months they’re offering free shipping on all orders. There’s never been a better time to read.

“We read to know that we are not alone.” – William Nicholson, Shadowlands